You can't get away from the video these days! Since I started art school I played around with video, then the equipment was quite heavy and bulky to carry around. Quality wasn't great and you really need a decent amount of lighting to cover your subjects. Today most camera and phone do a great job of capturing a variety of situation. I love motion arts including time-lapse and short clips to document arts, events and people in daily life

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    Peace Waratah by Shepard Fairey

    Peace Waratah is the 2nd largest mural and now the largest in Sydney painted by Shepard Fairey Obbey
    Thanks to the assistance of Dan Flores, Nic Bowers, and Rob Zagula and the support of Vivid Sydney, Ambush Gallery and T-World
    The massive mural was finished after five and a half days and over 400 cans of spray paint. The Vivid Sydney artwork is 44 metres high and 28 metres wide and is located across an office block at 309 George Street

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    Revolution by Shepard Fairey

    Time Lapse of Shepard Fairey exhibition of his music themed works that showcase his revolutionary visual language and passion for the culture of music at Darling Quarter’s public art space OPEN
    A partnership between Vivid Sydney, T-world and aMBUSH Gallery

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    Its a short diary of my Cuban journey in the street art, with location, people and artwork that have organically crossed my camera